Coaching will help you to go through the rough times, to make the right decisions and get aligned with your true self and values.

It’s all about finding your harmony and balance in all the important areas of your life.

experiences and testimonials
Student and career coaching
As a student or trainee, you want to optimize your training efficiency, and get to know more about your real abilities, resources and passions.

You want to clarify your priorities and take the right decisions to achieve your goals and regain your strength to push things forward.

You want to achieve dreams!
Boong P, female, 27yo, Thailand

" You will not be able to imagine how much progress bar I have topped up in just a short period of time after being coached.

I was having a difficult time getting out from the tedious routine job and life to start something I would love the most to do.

I didn’t want to end up being stuck.

Every time I tried to take action on the change but I couldn’t.

At the first place I thought that the job problem that I was facing was from the work environment or just the colleagues. ...

Love and relationship Coaching
You want to build an honest and durable relationship

In the event that you just went through a tough relationship or it just ended one.

Destructive couple life must change or stop.

You need to find the right balance between personal, professional and love life.
Helene R, female, 48yo France

" When I first got into the coaching journey, I did not put myself to believe in the consequences that I have received wonderfully today. However, I was motivated to make a change, and I thought " Why Not?”

I was at the turning point of my life after my divorce, where I found myself in need of doing something about it. I was really not confident about myself and morally drained.

The first impression about the coach is that he was overly trustful and thoughtful person towards all my own experiences. ...

Life Transition Coaching
You might find yourself at a turning point of your life and you want to make the right decisions.

You are dealing with a new job, new culture or country where you need new landmarks.

You want to find an activity that is aligned with your true self.
Pierre M, Male, 24yo, New York

" Coaching with Paul helped me to figure out how to deal with a situation I felt trapped in. I had the willing to make some changes in my life but didn’t really know what to begin with.

Within a few sessions, Paul helped me to target my goals and to focus on what was really important for me. It really helped me to order my priorities and to get my situation clarified. Once we did that, we could work on an agenda in order to keep me on path and make sure I reached my objectives.

Paul never influenced me on one way or another, he helped me to identify and express the solution that were already IN me and make sure I work on it. ...

Define your goals
SMART goal setting brings structure and traceability into your goals and objectives. Instead of vague resolutions, SMART goal setting creates verifiable trajectories towards a certain objective, with clear milestones and an estimation of the goal's attainability.

Every goal or objective, from intermediary step to overarching objective, can be S.M.A.R.T. and such, brought closer to reality

Goals must be clear, unambiguous and compelling. They should set out exactly what you want to achieve because your mind is like a guided missile and needs an exact course to be plotted to make sure it hits the target. No ifs or maybes.
What good is a goal that you can’t measure? For example, saying “I will be less stressed and more happy” can’t be measured. What will change? When? You need to set clear milestones to help your motivation because then you can chart your progress and measure your success.
Goals must be realistic and attainable because if you set them too high or too low they become meaningless and you’ll just ignore them. “Ii want to become astrophysicist in 3 month from now” isn’t going to work.
If your aim is to lose a certain number of pant sizes in a certain time then don't add another goal that’s unconnected, for example ‘I’ll drop two pant sizes in two months and win the tennis championships,” because this will only confuse your unconscious mind. Use winning the tennis championship as a visualisation aid to help achieve the pant-size goal.
For goals to work they must have starting points and ending points because you need to focus on short periods of achievement, or a long period cut into smaller chunks. “i will save up to 100.000 thb in a few month” is too woolly and open-ended. If you don’t fix a date, how can you achieve it?
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